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1.800.331.1078 Plumbing and Heating Experts in Northeast Ohio Since 1932
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Company Directory

All email addresses are @clevelandplumbing.com
Toll Free: 1-800-331-1078
Phone: 440-247-2555
Fax: 440-247-7425
143 E. Washington St.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
Cindy Ambrozic
Email: cambrozic@
Phone: 440-287-7372
Branch: Chagrin Falls
Sharon Kokely
Email: skokely@
Phone: 440-287-7365
Branch: Chagrin Falls
Emily Hicks
Accounts Payable
Email: ap@
Phone: 440-287-7370
Branch: Chagrin Falls
Bart Morvilius
Vice President
Email: bmorvilius@
Phone: 440-287-7368
Branch: Chagrin Falls
Thom Brabenec
VP of Operations
Email: tbrabenec@
Phone: 440-328-4154
Branch: North Ridgeville
Kara Page
Systems Administrator
Email: kpage@
Phone: 440-287-7360
Branch: North Ridgeville
Jim Woodhall
Director of Purchasing
Email: jwoodhall@
Phone: 440-287-7374
Branch: North Ridgeville
Dan Hartman
Email: dhartman@
Phone: 440-287-7363
Branch: North Ridgeville
Dane Whitacre
Email: dwhitacre@
Phone: 216-586-5250
Chagrin Falls Branch and Showroom
Toll Free: 1-800-331-1078
Phone: 440-247-2555
Fax: 440-247-2116
143 E. Washington St.
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
Gene Groff
Branch Manager
Email: ggroff@
Phone: 440-287-7369
Don Watson
Counter Sales
Email: dwatson@
Phone: 440-287-7373
John Egolf
Counter Sales
Email: jegolf@
Phone: 440-287-7367
Tom Barnard
Outside Sales Superstar
Email: tbarnard@
Phone: 440-287-7362
Bill Hein
Inside Sales / Fire Protection
Email: bhein@
Phone: 440-287-7364
Suzie Mack
Showroom Sales
Email: smack@
Phone: 440-996-5064
Gretchen Cantelmo
Showroom Sales
Email: gcantelmo@
Phone: 440-287-7361
Leslie Bartell
Email: lbartell@
Phone: 440-287-7366
North Ridgeville Branch
Toll Free: 1-800-875-4202
Phone: 440-327-8022
Fax: 440-327-3958
36746 Butternut Ridge Rd.
N. Ridgeville, OH 44039
Ben Hauck
Branch Manager
Email: bhauck@
Phone: 440-328-4181
Jules Giguere
Product File Coordinator
Email: jgiguere@
Phone: 440-328-4147
Jake Pleban
Commercial Quoting / Inside Sales
Email: jpleban@
Phone: 440-328-4170
Domenic Tomazic
Counter Sales
Email: dtomazic@
Phone: 440-328-4237
Mike Laveglia
Email: mlaveglia@
Phone: 216-586-5258
Middlefield Branch
Toll Free: 1-800-599-1321
Phone: 440-632-5441
Fax: 440-632-5327
15281 Kinsman Rd.
Middlefield, OH 44062
Curtis Mullett
Outside Sales
Email: cmullett@
Phone: 440-332-4805
Rick Morvilius
Branch Manager
Email: rcmorvilius@
Phone: 440-287-7376
Greg Baise
Counter / Inside Sales
Email: gbaise@
Phone: 440-332-4808
Mike Farmwald
Outside Sales
Email: mfarmwald@
Phone: 440-332-4804
Anthony Arganti
Email: aarganti@
Phone: 440-332-4801
Derrick Pilarczyk
Email: dpilarczyk@
Phone: 440-332-4806
Wooster Branch
Toll Free: 1-800-475-1474
Phone: 330-264-9366
Fax: 330-263-7163
170 Branstetter St.
Wooster, OH 44691
Jeff Gilson
Branch Manager
Email: jgilson@
Phone: 330-439-1819
Tim Bielz
Outside Sales
Email: tbielz@
Chris Braddock
Inside Sales
Email: cbraddock@
Phone: 330-439-1818
Jeff Wilson
Counter Sales / Warehouse
Email: jwislon@
Phone: 330-439-1820
Adam Barrington
Counter Sales / Warehouse
Email: abarrington@
Phone: 330-439-1816
Medina Branch
Toll Free: 1-800-263-0083
Phone: 330-721-9233
Fax: 330-721-9234
975 Lake Rd.
Medina, OH 44256
Bob Pleban
Branch Manager
Email: bpleban@
Phone: 330-591-9354
Kayla Boggs
Office Administrator
Email: medina@
Phone: 330-591-9351
Wendyl Kandel
Outisde Sales
Email: wkandel@
Dave Hicks
Phone: 330-591-9352
Craig Maurer
Heating Sales
Email: cmaurer@
Phone: 330-591-9353
Joe Sermulis
Counter Sales
Email: jsermulis@
Phone: 330-591-9355
Mike Stuart
Inside Sales
Email: mstuart@
Phone: 330-591-9357
Mentor Branch
Toll Free: 1-888-946-9412
Phone: 440-946-7072
Fax: 440-946-7828
7272 Mentor Ave.
Mentor, OH 44060
Fred Cruz
Branch Manager
Email: fcruz@
Phone: 440-220-5437
Ray Koren
Counter Sales
Phone: 440-220-5438
Pete Sargent, Sr.
Inside Sales
Email: pmsargent@
Phone: 440-220-5443
Pete Sargent, Jr.
Counter / Inside Sales
Email: pjsargent@
Phone: 440-220-5444
Tim Kuhn
Phone: 440-220-5439
Paul Zeimak
Phone: 216-586-5257
Mark Sobonya
Outside Sales
Email: msobonya@
Phone: 440-220-5446
Patrick Ziemak
Email: ptziemak@
Phone: 440-220-5445